Finally Getting the Apartment We Have Always Wanted

Have you ever lived in an apartment you did not like? I think anyone who has ever lived in apartments has had at least one experience like that. I promised my wife we would never sign another lease like the one we went through last year. We finally found the perfect place for us after our lease was up. We could not wait to move. We wanted a place that was pet friendly because we were definitely adopting a dog. When we started looking for great apartments in Alamo Heights area, our old place was definitely off the list. I cannot believe our old landlord actually asked us if we wanted to renew our lease.

We started looking in the newspaper, online and in the real estate circulars that come out. We were so happy to find much better quality apartments in the Alamo Heights area. The new place allows pets, and they have a fire pit! I really enjoy an evening fire on the weekends. Those Adirondack chairs around the fire pit just call my name.

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