A Really Nice Studio Apartment

I knew what I wanted when I started looking at Santa Fe apartments, even though I could not put it into words for anyone else to help me. I just knew that as soon as I saw what I wanted, I would know instantly. I looked at several different complexes, but I was not happy with anything that I saw until I got to the Las Palomas apartments website. When I looked at their studio apartments, I knew that they were perfect for me. The one that I really liked is only 500 square feet, which might seem too small for some people.

For me though, it was the perfect size. I did not see the need of looking for a one bedroom apartment that has bigger rooms, when that is something that I just do not need.

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Enjoying Our Tropically Landscaped Apartment Living in Jacksonville

My wife and I wanted a clean place to live in Florida. We wanted an apartment with a pool. A nice one too. Not one of those tiny little ones they put in just to say they have a pool at an apartment complex. When we were looking for apartments in Jacksonville Florida, we found Sundance Pointe Apartments. We went and checked them out on a recent trip down to Florida. We have relatives about an hour away in Gainesville. We wanted to be in Jacksonville closer to the airport. We are keeping our home up north, and we are going to rent an apartment year round in Florida. It is the only way we can afford to have a winter home.

I am ready to move permanently to Florida. My wife wants to stay close to other family up north. I can understand that. All of my relatives are gone or living far away. I will move anywhere my wife desires to live. Of course, I might not be too keen on moving somewhere that has even colder winters. However, we are both on the same page with that anyway. Neither of us enjoy the cold anymore, and snow and ice on the roads is another issue.

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We Just Up and Moved to Daytona Beach Florida

We decided to sell everything and move. We only kept our clothes, electronics, basic household items, pictures and family keepsakes. Then we searched online for Craigslist Daytona Beach apartments. We found a nice place at Countryside Apartments, and we leased a place before even arriving in our SUV and rented trailer for our stuff. Our lease was up where we lived most of our adult lives, and my wife and I wanted a big change. We knew that sometimes you just need to up and do things to get what you want. Sometimes you do need to burn a bridge or two to not look back. Not renewing our lease up north forced us to find a new place, and we finally were getting a place in Florida.

We have wanted to move to Florida for 10 years. We just always gave ourselves excuse after excuse. When we found a two-bedroom single-story apartment home in Florida that had rent that was lower than what we were already paying, we jumped at the chance. We wanted a nice little place that was cozy.

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I Had Some Help Finding a Perfect Residence

As soon as I graduated from high school and turned 18 years old, I was ready to get my very own place. I had been in foster care for most of my life, which means that I had been shuttled around between many different homes for far too long. I used an apartment finder for Jacksonville FL residents to get my first place. My foster mom helped me to do it, and she went along with us to look at a variety of different places to make it easier on me to find something, too. It really made me feel good that she did that.

My birth mom gave me up when I was just a baby. That’s how I landed in the foster system.

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