A Really Nice Studio Apartment

I knew what I wanted when I started looking at Santa Fe apartments, even though I could not put it into words for anyone else to help me. I just knew that as soon as I saw what I wanted, I would know instantly. I looked at several different complexes, but I was not happy with anything that I saw until I got to the Las Palomas apartments website. When I looked at their studio apartments, I knew that they were perfect for me. The one that I really liked is only 500 square feet, which might seem too small for some people.

For me though, it was the perfect size. I did not see the need of looking for a one bedroom apartment that has bigger rooms, when that is something that I just do not need. I did not want to live in a shoe box, but this is the furthest thing away from that in my eyes. There is a nice sized kitchen that has plenty of cabinet space for me. The living room is 12 by 18, which is actually pretty large! All I have is my couch and TV along with a couple of small tables, and there is still plenty of room left over.

There is also an alcove that sis slightly bigger than the living room. It is plenty big enough for my bed and dresser, and the closet off the bathroom is a nice walk in closet that holds all of my clothes, shoes and other things. I also get use of the swimming pool and fitness center, and there are laundry facilities located throughout the complex too. I immediately contacted them to see if any were available, and I was really happy when one was. I am now living here, and it is all working out great for me.

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