Self Breast Exam Video Demonstration

When it comes to cancer prevention, doing a regular breast exam is critical. Breast cancer is frighteningly too common, and catching it early can literally save your life. One out of eight women in the United States develop breast cancer. Fortunately there are ways to avoid being a statistic and beat the disease, should you [...]

The Benefits Of A Colon Cleanse

Advertisements for colon cleanses are all over the internet, magazines, and even certain grocery stores, but is there any real benefit to doing a colon cleanse?  There is actually, and even if you’re someone who’s always considered themselves to be pretty “regular”, doing a colon cleanse two or three times a year can help your [...]

Natural Sleep Aids and Remedies to Cure Insomnia

Sleep problems and insomnia are quite common among adults. Traumatic events, jet lag, a new baby in the family, and stress at work can all cause restlessness and an inability to relax. Symptoms of sleep disorders are often caused by a level of mental anxiety and an overactive mind that can’t be put to rest. [...]

Nutrition for Women Across the Lifespan

Throughout a lifespan, proper nutrition for women can change significantly. At various stages of life, dietary needs can change in order to maintain a healthy body. During childhood, adolescence, pregnancy and menopause, specific eating habits should be considered for improved health, longevity and reduction of obesity or disease. In addition, a well-balanced diet can give [...]

Stay Young With Proper Anti-Aging Skin Care

Want to know the latest anti-aging treatments that will take years off without damaging your skin? By using proper treatments and techniques, you can effectively slow down or even reverse the aging process in order to look younger. While expensive treatments and surgeries, such as tread lifting, Botox injections and fat transfer, will always be [...]

How to Get Rid of Cellulite: Best Creams, Treatments and Exercise

Studies show that as many as 70% of women who look in the mirror face that dreaded cellulite. While weight loss can help improve problem areas, even skinny people are prone to cellulite. It’s a pesky situation that requires a little extra attention, but by finding the right combination of cellulite fighting creams, exercises and [...]

Rapid Weight Loss and Detox Diets

It seems that everywhere you turn, there is another celebrity endorsing some detox weight-loss diet plan that allowed them to get in shape quickly while giving them more energy. But does this method really work?  And, if so, how does detoxifying your body allow you to lose weight? The idea is that our bodies are [...]

You Deserve a Sexy White Smile

Using at-home teeth whitening trays is a cost-effective way to make your teeth shine, and give yourself that sexy, celebrity-like smile. There are a variety of at-home kits and methods that are used to restore or bleach your teeth white, but the most successful methods seem to be whitening trays. They’re easy to use, fast [...]