The Effects Of Stress On The Body

Have you ever sat down at the end of a very, very long day, and wondered what the effects of stress were on your body? Is it those little gray hairs that have been popping up on your head lately? Or the fine lines at the corner of your eyes?

Tips To Avoid Stress

We usually don’t think about stress and its effect on us until it begins to interfere in our lives. Here are some tips to avoid stress and keep you sailing smooth over the waters of life.

Women And Stress: Reducing Your Stress With Your Girlfriends

You wear a hundred different hats, and some of them all at once. How can you deal with the stress of it all in a healthy way? Here’s where reducing your stress with your girlfriends can help.

Natural Sleep Aids and Remedies to Cure Insomnia

Sleep problems and insomnia are quite common among adults. Traumatic events, jet lag, a new baby in the family, and stress at work can all cause restlessness and an inability to relax. Symptoms of sleep disorders are often caused by a level of mental anxiety and an overactive mind that can’t be put to rest. [...]