Cankles: What Are They And How To Deal With Them

It’s not a disease and it’s not an oddly-named food. Cankles (a combination of ‘calf’ and ‘ankles’) describe a type of ankle that blends into the leg – an ankle without definition. It also happens to be the latest body trend that women in particular are obsessing about.

Can You Have Your Period And Still Be Pregnant?

Can you have your period and still be pregnant is a great question to ask. A quick search online will bring up a number of differing opinions – both from the medical community as well as mothers. Here’s a quick breakdown of two different thoughts on the matter.

Ease Menopause Symptoms

As midlife approaches and menopause becomes a reality, nearly fifty percent of women will begin to search for help in order to ease menopause symptoms. Here are some of the most well-known symptoms, and ideas for dealing with them.

How To Deal With Mood Swings – 10 Moodswing Busters

One of the most difficult aspects of PMS and “that time of the month” can be figuring out how to deal with mood swings, in a healthy way, that will keep your loved ones from running the second they lay eyes on you.  With that in mind, we here at have come up with [...]