Choosing an Apartment over a House

I started looking at apartments in Newark DE even before I found out that my husband was hired on at the plant there. I was just really hoping that he would get the position, because it meant that we would live a lot closer to my family. I had been living almost six hours away for a couple of years, and it was just time for me to come home. I already picked out the apartment complex that I wanted us to live at too. It is called the Emblem, and it is just a really nice place for a person to call home.

As soon as my husband got the news that he was hired as the new plant manager, I filled out the application for the Emblem. I wanted to get everything in order before we even got into town. I was not worried about not seeing it in person, because my sister and her husband drove by it and told me that the pictures absolutely match what they saw there. I had debated about looking at houses, but I knew that we were just not ready for that.

He was going to be really busy for a while with the plant work, and I did not want to have everything fall on me for work. I am talking about mowing the grass, shoveling the snow, putting in new furnace filters, and all the other things that come with owning a house. I was planning on spending time with my family, and I also wanted to get involved in the local church. We decided together that living in an apartment suited us at least for the first few years, then we could revisit whether it would be better to have a house. I honestly don’t think we are going to want one after living here though!

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