Enjoying Our Tropically Landscaped Apartment Living in Jacksonville

My wife and I wanted a clean place to live in Florida. We wanted an apartment with a pool. A nice one too. Not one of those tiny little ones they put in just to say they have a pool at an apartment complex. When we were looking for apartments in Jacksonville Florida, we found Sundance Pointe Apartments. We went and checked them out on a recent trip down to Florida. We have relatives about an hour away in Gainesville. We wanted to be in Jacksonville closer to the airport. We are keeping our home up north, and we are going to rent an apartment year round in Florida. It is the only way we can afford to have a winter home.

I am ready to move permanently to Florida. My wife wants to stay close to other family up north. I can understand that. All of my relatives are gone or living far away. I will move anywhere my wife desires to live. Of course, I might not be too keen on moving somewhere that has even colder winters. However, we are both on the same page with that anyway. Neither of us enjoy the cold anymore, and snow and ice on the roads is another issue. The Sundance Pointe apartment we rented is nice and roomy. It has three bedrooms. We have a guest room and an office. We can travel with our laptops and phones and pretty much work from anywhere we have an Internet connection.

We liked the apartment from the first time we saw it online. The property is tropically landscaped and looks beautiful. I had never seen a palm tree before. Now we have them all over the place. The lawn areas are impeccably kept, and the pool has crystal clear water. We have a nice kitchen with a dishwasher and refrigerator, and we have hookups for a washer and dryer too. Parking here is covered, and there is also a small lake. It is a very pleasant setting for us.

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