I Had Some Help Finding a Perfect Residence

As soon as I graduated from high school and turned 18 years old, I was ready to get my very own place. I had been in foster care for most of my life, which means that I had been shuttled around between many different homes for far too long. I used an apartment finder for Jacksonville FL residents to get my first place. My foster mom helped me to do it, and she went along with us to look at a variety of different places to make it easier on me to find something, too. It really made me feel good that she did that.

My birth mom gave me up when I was just a baby. That’s how I landed in the foster system. And as good as so many different families were to me, it takes a toll on children when they are moved around to a variety of different homes. The family that I last stayed with recognized that and they petitioned to get me to stay with them for four years. They gave me a fantastic environment that was very stable. I loved their kids, too. I would say that those four years were the best of my life. I am lucky that I lived with them.

I really didn’t want to move far from my family. So, we looked for a place that was in within one mile in any direction from their home. I wanted them to be able to stop by to see me whenever they wanted to and vice versa. I found a nice little one bedroom place that is within only 2 blocks from their place! That means that I can walk over to visit them anytime that I want to. It was really exciting to move in, and it was a lot of fun to get my belongings moved in and feeling at peace.

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