Moving on My Own to an Apartment

I had to make a decision pretty fast not long ago. I could either move to the east coast with my parents or I could stay in Salt Lake City and live on my own. My parents were heading off for a new adventure in the form of a new job for my dad. They were selling their home to a good friend of theirs, which meant I either had to move with them or find my own place. I started looking at apartments for Salt Lake City because I had a great job myself, plus I did not want to leave my boyfriend.

We were not living together at the time, but I had a feeling he was going to propose to me sooner rather than later. I figured if I got a nice apartment, the two of us would be able to live there together once I had a ring on my finger. I was surprised when I looked at the different apartments available. There was one not far from where I worked, and I wanted to see it in person before I decided if it was the place for me.

What really helped me was having my parents go with me to look it over. My dad made sure that everything I would need was there, and my mom helped me decorate it before they left. Yes, I did get the apartment, and it was a bittersweet moment. I know that my future holds so much for me, but I am going to miss my parents. It does help that I got a two bedroom unit, which means they can come back as often as they want to visit me and their friends here. As for me, I am starting to get to know others around the complex, and I am finding out that it can be pretty fun being so independent!

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