The Perfect Apartment for Me

I had never lived in Tennessee before so I was not really sure what I was getting myself into. My brother had recently moved there with his family, and I was missing them something awful. He had married my best friend, and the two of them have two kids. I was in Ohio, where all of us had been raised, but there was nothing holding me there. I work from home, so I could work from anywhere. When I told my best friend what I was thinking about, she told me about an apartment in Cordova TN that she felt would be perfect for me.

It is only a couple of miles from them, and we would be able to see each other as much as we wanted, which was likely going to be every day. The apartment complex had everything that I could want, and that she could want too! We both love to swim, and it was something she wanted her kids to get involved in as well. There is a large pool there as well as a playground for children of their age. For the two of us, there is a volleyball court, which is actually how we met when we both played in high school.

She gave me the website address of the apartment complex, and I was smitten with it as soon as I saw it. I did not want to make my decision over a website page, so I booked a flight down there for a few days. She and I went to see it together, and I knew that I was going to take it before the tour was even half over. The apartment is gorgeous, and there are so many features in it as well as the community amenities that I could barely wait for all the arrangements to be made for it to become mine!

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