We Just Up and Moved to Daytona Beach Florida

We decided to sell everything and move. We only kept our clothes, electronics, basic household items, pictures and family keepsakes. Then we searched online for Craigslist Daytona Beach apartments. We found a nice place at Countryside Apartments, and we leased a place before even arriving in our SUV and rented trailer for our stuff. Our lease was up where we lived most of our adult lives, and my wife and I wanted a big change. We knew that sometimes you just need to up and do things to get what you want. Sometimes you do need to burn a bridge or two to not look back. Not renewing our lease up north forced us to find a new place, and we finally were getting a place in Florida.

We have wanted to move to Florida for 10 years. We just always gave ourselves excuse after excuse. When we found a two-bedroom single-story apartment home in Florida that had rent that was lower than what we were already paying, we jumped at the chance. We wanted a nice little place that was cozy. Our apartment is in a bungalow style of building that is a duplex. There are two apartment side by side. A plus is that we have nice neighbors who have been there for years and are not planning on leaving anytime soon.

We have worked from home running our online business for about nine years now. We could have moved anywhere we wanted and still worked. We just could not get the motivation to do it. Now we are finally in Florida! No more snow and winter cold. We have been enjoying furnishing and decorating our apartment since we moved here a couple of months ago. It is a new adventure for us, and we are having fun.

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